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Here's a selection of links to pages that we find useful, for everything from weather and avalanches, to mountaineering gossip, local services and equipment ! - The UK's premier climbing website with info, forums & great pics - Weather forecasts for specific mountain regions in the UK - All things avalanche in the UK, including forecasts and excellent blogs - Excellent website with info on virtually every hill and walk in Scotland - Great equipment, great staff and great gear info on their website...we order from them all the time because thier service is so good !

Lots of useful information about the area from our local organisation Glenshee & Strathardle Tourist Association

This is the link to the weather station at the top of Cairnwell (a Munro) which gives an idea of conditions high up.

This is a local business run by Paula Jenkins which provides sports and theraputic massage - great when you come off the hill from a days' hard climbing or skiing !!



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